Our Pre-School Philosophy 


Jacaranda Preschool recognises the rich Aboriginal heritage of our country and acknowledges the Wurundjeri Willum Clan as the Traditional custodians of our land.


Jacaranda Pre-School is a nurturing, caring, safe place where:


children, families and staff feel a sense of belonging and build positive relationships with each other


all children are empowered to participate and are celebrated as unique


all adults strive to keep every child safe and hold high expectations for every child's learning 


we can all be ourselves and thrive to reach our full potential together as a collaborative community


all are encouraged to grow and take risks, reflect on practice and build partnerships to be the best kindergarten we can be


We respect and value the individual backgrounds and unique culture and customs of families


We value the environment and we believe the connection we build with nature plays a vital role in shaping children to support and build a sustainable community.