At Jacaranda Pre-School we aim to provide:

  • A place where there is a sense of being, belonging and becoming for every child.
  • A physical and emotional environment for children where they are safe and nurtured
  • A collaborative pedagogy where educators, children, community and parents are equally encouraged to contribute ideas to the educational program.
  • A play based program where play and learning are encouraged and fostered.
  • A physical environment where children can learn through nature, their senses, natural equipment and manufactured resources.
  • A sustainable program by providing recycled and reclaimed materials where possible, lowering water usage, litter free snacks with scraps being composted and offering electronic notices through our website to reduce hard copies of notices.
  • An inclusive environment where all cultures and abilities are welcomed and respected.

For Children

  • We believe all children should be safe and protected from harm.
  • We believe that children are competent and capable learners. They are encouraged to make choices, discover, create, explore in their learning environment.
  • We believe that each child contributes to the quality educational program, with their unique qualities.
  • We have high expectations for every child.
  • We have a commitment to high expectations for all children’s learning and development. We encourage children to take managed risks within the kindergarten environment and our Bush Kinder program.
  • We will ensure that every child experiences success in their learning and development.
  • We will provide regular and familiar routines so that children can predict what comes next.
  • We believe that children should have respect for their environment and each other.

For Parents/Guardians

  • We recognise that children's learning takes place in the context of their family, therefore they are their child's first educators. We strive to ensure that every family is welcomed, respected and belongs.


For Educators

  • We believe educators are responsible to protect children from harm and ensure they are safe.
  • We believe that the role of educators is to provide a stimulating and responsive environment to promote children's potential learning. We believe in reflective practices where a continuous refined educational quality program is regularly evaluated. We believe in promoting a sustainable program that strengthens children's knowledge about the natural environment.
  • We believe that our philosophy will change as new insights are gained and our practice is evaluated.
  • We believe that children learn equally from indoor and outdoor play, therefore we strongly promote outdoor play and exploration.
  • We will follow and implement the centre’s philosophy and policies. We will also follow appropriate regulations and laws.
  • We will provide time to meet with parents informally and formally to discuss their child’s wellbeing. 

Management Committee

  • The Management Committee are responsible for ensuring Jacaranda Preschool protects children from harm and keeps them safe.
  • The Management Committee will at all times implement Centre's philosophy, policies and appropriate regulations. The Management Committee will encourage and support educators' professional development training.


  • We value the commitment of our community input and services.
  • We partner with relevant agencies to further enhance our children's educational programs.