Jacaranda Preschool is a community run kindergarten. The kindergarten operations are managed by voluntary members consisting of parents whose children are enrolled at the kindergarten. The Committee of Management is elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held in Novemeber each year.


Committee members attend monthly meetings, either in person or via Zoom.  By volunteering you are supporting your child’s kindergarten as well as learning more about the operations of the service. You may even gain new skills such as working and collaborating within a team. You may also create new friendships with other parents and the staff.

The Committee of Management comprises the following Officers: (Below is a description on the roles of the Committee)

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer

There are also a number of General Committee Members, who may choose to be involved in one of the subcommittees such as grants officer or fundraising officer.

The rewards of being on the Committee of Management is knowing that you have contributed to your child's kinder and supported Jacaranda Preschool in continuing to be a wonderful kindergarten. 


We welcome our Kinder Community to join and become a member. If you would like more information please feel free to chat with our staff or any current member of the committee. Contact details are:


Kingsway Drive: or 9465 1993 

Nebel Street: or 9464 4723  








The President is normally the “key person” on the committee.  A well-functioning committee requires leadership from a skilled, enthusiastic and confident President who has good organisational and interpersonal skills.  An effective President has the ability to delegate, but is still ready to participate as a team member and bring other members of the committee together in decision making.


The President’s role is one of leadership and includes the following responsibilities;

  • chairing committee meetings
  • providing leadership and modelling appropriate behaviour
  • protecting the reputation of the organisation
  • having a working knowledge of the current legal documents that govern the operation of the service.
  • coordinating the work of the committee by ensuring:
    • effective control of committee meetings
    • subcommittees function with a clear understanding of the extent of their authority
    • the committee has clear and agreed goals
    • correct meeting procedures are followed
    • decision making occurs in a democratic manner and is properly recorded
    • there is a clear delineation of roles between committee and the staff
    • policies are implemented and regularly reviewed
  • knowing the skills of each committee member to ensure they can be utilised effectively
  • ensuring effective and open communication with parents and staff on important decisions
  • presenting the annual report at the AGM
  • setting the agenda for committee meetings in consultation with the secretary
  • if unable to chair the meeting, making sure that an appropriate person is organised and briefed to undertake this role – this is usually the vice-president
  • being prepared for every meeting and leading the discussion on critical issues
  • creating a constructive atmosphere for the meeting and facilitating genuine participation and discussion from all members
  • ensuring that the work is shared as far as possible among those on the committee, and follow up activities to ensure they are being completed within timeframes
  • presenting a report on any major or ongoing issue to the committee
  • exercising an appropriate level of control over meetings and the business.



The Vice-President is an Executive Committee Member.  This member provides support to the President in their role and stands in for the President as required.  The Vice-President’s role can also be used as a time of training and mentoring for a future role as President of the service.



The Treasurer is an Executive Committee Member. This member ensure that the financial affairs of the organisation are conducted in an appropriate manner.  Jacaranda Preschool has a bookkeeper who prepares and manages the financial records of the kindergarten. The Treasurer is responsible in presenting the financial reports that have been prepared at the Committee Meetings and follow up any queries that Committee Members may have.


The Treasurer’s responsibilities include the following that are prepared in conjunction with the Bookkeeper and Administration Officer:

  • Preparing the budget in consultation with the committee and staff and assisting the committee to monitor and update/change the budget as required
  • managing income and expenses including issue of invoices and receipts, banking, payroll, payment of suppliers, management of petty cash, etc. with the Administration Officer of the Kindergarten
  • maintenance of accurate financial accounts and records to meet legislative and regulatory compliance requirements
  • presentation of appropriate financial reports prepared by the Bookkeeper regularly to the committee and presentation of annual financial reports to the members at the AGM
  • compliance with regulatory and funding requirements actioned by Bookkeeper such as:
    • submit a monthly or quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) to the Australian Tax Office (ATO)
    • organisations that receive funding from the Department of Education and Training (DET) and required to complete an annual financial report
    • organisation in receipt of federal government funding will also have financial and accountability reporting requirements and should refer to their service agreement for details
    • registered charities are required to file annual financial statements with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) if they are a medium or large organisation under the ACNC Act 2012.



The Secretary is an Executive Committee Member.  This member maintains regular contact with all committee members to promote the efficient and effective running of the committee.  

The Associations Incorporation (Reform) Act 2012 requires the secretary to:

  • maintain the register of members of the Association
  • keep custody of the common seal (if any) and except for the financial records, maintain all books, documents and securities of the Association
  • subject to the rules of the Association and the Act, provide members with access to the register of members, the minutes of general meetings and other books and documents
  • perform any other duties and functions as required by the rules/constitution of the Association.
  • prepare relevant documentation prior to committee meetings, develop the agenda with the President and circulate the minutes of the last committee meeting promptly to enable committee members to follow up any actions
  • ensure members of the association are kept informed about the business and activities of the association
  • accurately record the minutes of all meetings and related actions and maintain these appropriately.
  • file minutes once the appropriate procedures have been completed
  • manage records in accordance with any legal or procedural requirements
  • fulfil the responsibilities required by the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, including submitting annual returns of the association to Consumer Affairs Victoria.



Other committee members, as defined in the constitution, are those who do not hold an office such as President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer.  These committee members are vital to the effective operation of a committee.

Duties of all committee members include:

  • attend all committee meetings
  • come prepared for meetings by reading the agenda, reports, minutes and any other relevant information
  • follow correct meeting procedures
  • participate in all activities of the committee
  • contribute to discussions and participate in decision making
  • respect confidentiality of information
  • abide by the policies of the service
  • share responsibility for all committee decisions including the financial decisions
  • ensure any task/s allocated to them are completed by the agreed date
  • declare any conflicts of interest immediately and work with the Chair in the management of the conflict
  • maintain confidentiality of committee papers, discussions at committee meetings and information gained while on the committee at all times.


The Committee of Management is the Approved Provider of Jacaranda Preschool as stated in the Kindergarten Constitution.


It is a legal requirement that the Executive Committee: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer complete a Declaration of Fitness and Propriety form. In order to be a cheque signatory, 100 points of identification must be provided to the Preschool’s bank, Jacaranda preschool will reimburse Committee members for costs incurred to obtain these checks.