Our History

Jacaranda Preschool was established in 2003 when Kingsway Drive Kindergarten and Lalor Park Kindergarten amalgamated. The Kingsway Drive Kindergarten site was redeveloped with the Maternal Health and Child Care building to provide a dual unit Preschool.

In October 2012, we successfully obtained Nebel Street Kindergarten (the formerly named Lalor Park Kindergarten).  This was a very exciting time for the staff and committee, as we felt we had reclaimed a historical part of our past.

From 2013, Jacaranda Preschool became two sites - Kingsway Drive and Nebel Street.

In 2014, across the two sites, we offered five four year old kindergarten groups and three three year old groups.  This allowed us to offer great diversity in our timetable due to the multiple rooms and sites.

Bush Kinder
In 2012, Jacaranda Preschool (Kingsway Drive), made history by running the City of Whittlesea’s first Bush Kinder Program.  In 2012, we successfully ran a 6 week Bush Kinder Pilot Program at Westgarthtown Lutheran Reserve.  In 2013, we offered 50 four year old children the opportunity to participate in our Bush Kinder Program for a majority of the year.

Our Bush Kinder Program continues to grow and develop.  This year, the Blue, Yellow & Orange Groups are participating in our Bush Kinder Program for one session a week during Term 2 and 3.  All of our other Kindergarten groups will experience Bush Kinder through excursions.